Our Approach

We understand the shifts of demand occurs in these industries and we adapt our services appropriately. Any company can claim to be the “expert” before demonstrating that they are. We use our diverse and skilled resources to focus on the business needs and quality delivery for a valued cost with the intent to offer a return on our client’s investments.

Based on our business model we can eliminate wasteful billing and have the capacity to deliver sooner versus an over extension of billed hours.

Our Story

Etching-It is a company born from 30 year’s of Business, HR, & IT consulting services for high-profile, mid to small level businesses in varied service capacities. Being a part of the service industry, we place our focus on the “human factor” and how our services could enhance our client’s business and profitability over time. Every business has a beginning, and this is why we place a higher emphasis on understanding our client’s internal and external daily operations.

What sets us apart? Our vision and insight to a company’s holistic operations, their products, and services to achieve their mission. Having a company and team that focuses on using their custom & traditional IT, full cycle business, sales, & marketing capabilities works to solve complex issues or support the innovation and evolution of start-up businesses. We are driven by having creative and professional communications services in Web, Digital, Print & all levels of writing.

Etching-It’s mission is determining potential future capabilities, assessing all areas determining root causes, designing, and building results, fostering effective and affordable automation & collaboration for our clients. Ultimately valuing: Time. People. Money.

Meet the Team

Our Executive team seeks out skilled professionals and has a student program for acquiring top talent with strong work ethics, reliability, and trust to deliver top notch solutions across fast changing industries. By pairing experience and new professionals entering the workforce, we believe this provides a fresh, creative, current, and forthcoming level of insight and skills needed to understand our client’s needs. We hire people and empower our team to have a stake in our daily operations and the growth of our company. For Etching-It.com it’s a human thing.

Victoria Fries

Founder & CEO

Victoria’s keen insight and drive for business stems from a family of entrepreneurs. After 30 year’s in the workforce, building her career from the ground up, she’s acquired top-notch experience in Business and long IT Consulting career. She now seeks out new ways to follow her passions through knowledge sharing having worked across a multitude of industries, and has a mission to bridge gaps of people to people through social media and a second-to-none community platform. Her ambition in creating Etching-It.com is derived from wanting to be a part of a new type of company, be a key resource, a change agent to clients and people based on her knowledge. She strives to thread helping others in all she does.

Her Philosophies

She believes as a professional and her peers should take more of a personal/professional interest to coach and mentor more the younger generations because it is the right thing to do and we should own that responsibility as citizens working in the industries that the younger generations are trying to become employed in. With the core industries drastically changing today versus 20 years ago, we see now that it is more difficult. She is consistently mentoring those who are entering the workforce today and they are constantly turned away without a solid chance to flush out what they may or may not want to do as a sustainable career.

Areas of Expertise
  • Victoria is Specialized in Systems Integration of complex Business, IT, Salesforce, ERP, SAP, Cloud-AWS/Azure, & Workday solutions. In the last 18 years, successfully generated over $90 Million in revenue with a 95% completion–satisfaction rate, 110% utilization/55% win rate generating over $250M in her career. Her proactive approach for leading and managing of over 12 multiple on-going projects simultaneously with team sizes of 150+, globally-offshore/onshore teams in the US, Central & South Americas, China, India, Israel, Italy, UK. Over 50 direct reports. By working on high profile projects or companies in roles she is able to be a solutions centric & visionary professional on solving complex areas in need of change & standardization.
  • Highly specialized IT Program/Project Manager-Infrastructure, network, application, release, legacy integration, database management for small-mid-large-scale enterprises between 10 & up to 200,000+ users. Many were to ensure standardization, transition, customized products/services, and network infrastructure projects in Software, SOA, Enterprise Networks, Managed Services, Security, Business Continuity/Operations, E-Commerce, Mobile Platform Computing, Cloud/Azure, and Web Services using varied delivery methods. Standardization using PMI-Scrum, Agile-SaFe Framework, Kanban, TQM-Kaizen, EVM, ROWE, implementing innovative technologies, SDLC-Testing, full-cycle recruiting of staff, and collaborating with managers varied tools ex.: MS Project, HP ALM, JIRA, MS Planner, Slack, Trello. Scrum Lead-responsible to build out, lead, and manager all daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint demos and retrospective meetings. As well as the scrum process with the coordination of 10+ on avg. of four scrum teams average four to six-week sprints with two weeks, QA/Bug Fixes using Bugzilla, and MS VB while removing any impediments for the scrum team feature complete on schedule and increasing productivity using EVM. Actively assessing and minimizing conflict resolution, by focusing on scrum values of openness, honesty, and respect.
  • ERP/Workday/SAP/Solution Managers/IT Consultant in CRM, Billing, HR, Salesforce CRM & Government Cloud, FICO, and Human Capital Management/Workday & SAP (time reporting & payroll solutioning (8 yrs.), business process management, and system integration with SAP 7.2x, HP ALM. Over 10 years’ experience in systems integration of six SAP – $150M+ large implementations of legacy & core modules including full lifecycle SDLC/Agile testing: S&D, C2E, and CRM & HR/HCM/FICO/SD SME for client solutions, BW/HANA (-1yr.), business process SME, functional unit testing, and defect management using 11.0-12.03v. Implementation of all phases Project Prep, BluePrint, Realization, Testing, Final Prep/“Go Live” for Utility/Retail/Financial Services.
  • Software Testing, QA/Technical & Business Process Lead for all phases ERP-SAP, COTS, software, infrastructure, & full systems integration projects. Presales, Cost Analyses, Needs Assessments, Requirements & Testing Validation, Initiation to the Execution of “Go Live,” business cases, alternatives analyses, proof of concepts, gathering requirements, and gap analysis, surveys, full program and project road mapping for budget/technical options, planning, implementation, and post project. Managing, facilitating, and performing in all areas of Testing Life-cycle include manual, functional, integration, user acceptance, and automated testing following Scrum, SaFe, Agile, and Waterfall methods. Defect management through facilitation of team and individual triage, closing of backlogs, and re-validation of fixes. Aggregation of work stream testing results and status for stakeholder reporting.
  • Change Management/Training, Advanced skills for in real-time Onsite Hands-On Training, Org. Leadership, Management, Org. Change Mgmt., & Education using varied industry &d delivery methods such as PROSCI/Train-the-Trainer, PMI-Scrum, Agile-SaFe Framework, TQM, EVM, ROWE, & surveys of internal & external users. Technical & Business Trainer, Training Development, Change & Operations Management, Analyst & full cycle traceability, including Org. Change Management-Training, varied delivery methods such as PROSCI/Train-the-Trainer. Training in the following areas: Salesforce-Government Cloud, ERP-SAP/Solution Managers/BP/Standardization/CM, Content Management, Technical Software, CRM, Billing, HR, & Salesforce CRM. Overseeing the planning and execution of Communications Strategies.
  • Standards & Compliance to company, government, and industry standards to ensure all areas of quality assurance compliance based SOX, ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma, and ISO 9000 standards.
  • Security & Management Operations-DR, PS, PS, NS, Incident Response-AWS, and Government & Private Sectors with ISO 27001, HIPAA, DISTCAP, and DIACAP, FISMA, and NIST Standards. Operations Manager, Network/Systems Analyses & full cycle traceability.
  • Web & IT support, web design, technical support, updating software, troubleshooting level one issues, processing change requests, installing/refreshing pc equipment in a Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista environment and MAC up to MAC OSX 10.6.5 and previous versions, extensive knowledge of government and DoD, DHS, US Army/Navy systems/databases and internal applications, and other military service environments. Experience with billing and trouble ticketing systems, web based application tool implementations, training users/clients, and testing/evaluating emerging technologies.

As part of her ongoing pursuit to grow her career she obtained her MBA in Technology Management from University of Phoenix.

Victoria has a B.A. in International Business where she gained international exposure, in 1997, she participated in a Harvard Model UN conference, held in Budapest, Hungary on the UNDP panel. As a U.S. delegate, she actively took part in lectures, brainstorming, and plenary sessions held at the University of Budapest and the Hungarian parliament. Discussing critical issues such as world hunger, mines in third world countries, and countries not paying their dues to the United Nations. Expanding her undergraduate studies, by studying economics, religions, international and administrative law, she found herself immersed with an interest in European Studies as a focus. The university offered a winter course in 1998, in the studies of US, Europe, NATO, European Union, and the effects of the Euro. Victoria took part in lectures, debates, demonstrations, and presentations at Oxford and Amsterdam University, Europol, NATO, European Union, and the Netherlands State Bank where they were starting to print the Euro.

Throughout attending her undergraduate degree program, Victoria worked full-time in the International Finance Management Consulting, Marketing, Information Technology, Training, Banking, and Finance industries to gain practical experience towards building a solid career.

In high school she was exposed to being an entrepreneur through her family and became a Member of Future Business Leaders of America, while increasing her interests in business management, global issues, writing nonfiction and poetry.

Professional Affiliates
  • Member of Project Management Institute 2001–2008 & 2011–2013, 2016-Present
  • Member of the Association of Professional Women since 2012 to present
  • Certification in Project Management from Projex, Inc. 2001
  • Federal Past Performances from Federal Publications Seminars, LLC. 2006
  • Member of NIST Standardization List for updated publications.
  • PMP certificate planned for completion of 4,000 PM hours.
  • Industry influencer for On Mogul.
External Endeavors

She designed a custom program that is far more superior than just an internship opportunity where she employs students who are about to graduate from Junior year through Graduate school, trains them on what is expected today by employers/hiring managers, and give them the opportunity to be empowered to work in their career field in a position with the same responsibilities. The results are amazing, students obtain the real-world experience, clear direction on how they can drive their career, and a solid portfolio of work proving that they are a fit for any employer. Over 50% in last 10 years have been hired into full-time jobs and pursued advanced education or training.

“I am fortunate enough to have a career that has afforded me the knowledge and strong foundation of integrity, strong work ethic, and the fortitude to max out every opportunity that has been presented to me while sharing & helping others do the same.”


She created the slogan “Be an Etcher” because the intent is to stand for “making your mark on the world” and anything is possible.

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Partnering Universities

Indiana State, Howard University, University of Phoenix, Oregon State, and others along with different high schools across the U.S. providing a virtual learning and working environment. Fostering building on technical and professional skills and projects to build their portfolios.

Next Steps…

Our clients can rely on our abilities, resources, and us providing value in the work we perform. Please contact us for more information using our Contact Us page.