About Us

Who are we?

Our vision for "Etching-It" to become a dynamic and interactive platform for the next generation’s type of social network where the end user’s experience meets their everyday demands. Providing them a transparent view into the future for social media-lites around the world seeking a common place for their voices to be shared & heard. 

Connecting people to people worldwide is how we approach everything we do. Our passion for empowering people and enhancing the end-user experience to its fullest potential with all of the latest technology available. Whether it is through personal business, professional and personal social sites we are certain that we will be able to service the end-user in a way that doesn't require any technical knowledge. Using our "know-how" we are certain that our new environment can enable people to be more connected and involved with like minded individuals & communities through all of our many channels. 

Our Etching-It team is working w/users, industry influencers, professionals in the like to design, develop, and build a network that is supportive of a data driven and internet of things within a technologically changing industry.

We understand the importance of time, people, and money, which are in the forefront of all we do for our clients. We work with corporate clients to socialize and build their marketing and SEO platforms for brand enhancement, increase market share, and profitability. 

Why An Interactive Social Platform?

Our goals are simple and scalable for the trends in many industries and end-users. The evolution of Etching-It stemmed from the discovery of not one single platform where personal, professional, and the flexibility to manage one's own social network and information. Yes, the individual platforms exist separately and if the need to have more than one, then they manually need to be integrated. The general population wants to have a voice and be heard without having to be skilled in design, technology, or various nuances associated to creating social media platforms. It requires a lot of work. 

Which is why our goal is simple by growing an interactive platform with these visions, inclusions of the industry influencers, building a strong global community that interacts in real time, and company's. Result: a unique interactive next generation network. Become an "Etcher" and make your mark on the world.

How Do We Do It?

By having a scalable approach of doing business creatively, and that supports the shift from traditional channels to solely on the user to integrate their social media, digital, print, and mobile platforms interactively. By selecting an interactive platform, users are more in control of what information they want shared and the audience. 

Using our technical expertise, 20+ years of experience across multitude of industries provides insight and foresight into what end-users today expect from technology and industries around the globe. In addition, to building a strong community platform that bridges a very large gap between corporations worldwide and upcoming young professionals and career changers on how they can directly advance their career.

We provide professional and technical services to clients in varied industries with the supporting roles of using our solid career program to promote the skills of young professionals. Our approach provides a higher calibre of work to our clients while creating opportunities for them to have a tangible professional & presentable portfolio.

Join us, become an active partner of Etching-It.com, be a mentor, influencer, believer in innovation for the future of business and technology. Become an "Etcher".

Our Company Programs

Volunteer Working with High School STEM Students

Volunteering by promoting Reading and Marketable Skills, as a Guest Public Speaker/Mentor, Washington state, 2011 to Present. 

Speech titled: “Walking the Path.” Volunteer as a Public Speaker in the Vancouver city public schools Marshall High, McGloughlin Middle School etc. to promote reading in the local community by sharing this story. Walking the path is a presentation written based on personal life experiences to portray a message to students that the fundamental skills of reading, math, and having a solid education while planning for their future are critical based on what these occurrences were. Mission is to help these students struggling achieve their goals and dreams that nothing should stand in their way of their dreams despite their obstacles they might encounter throughout their life. 


Graduating Students & Career Changers

Over the last ten years, we have actively sought out students who wanted to build portfolios that would support their having a sustainable career. Results are over 50 students moving onto full-time employment and continued education.

Etching-It.com's latest initiative is a custom program to train college students how to gain transferrable skills and knowledge coming out of their degree programs. We provide them with an open forum to grow in a bonafide role that is based on their career path and supports their being directly hired by employers. 

Through Etching-It.com, now mentoring 30 BA/MS candidates in the fields of Human Resources, Business Administration, Enterprise Risk Management, Accounting & Finance, Communications & Journalism, Software, Mobile & Web Development, SAP-ERP, Networking, Data Science/Management, IT Security & Systems Administration, Project Management, Social Media, Marketing, Education, Corporate and Administrative Law, SEO Marketing, Non-Profit Administration, and IT Consulting.     

US Armed Forces-Hire Our Heroes

We are proud supporters of our service members entering the workforce and have a customized program to aid them in their transition and provide supplemental training to help them build a portfolio of marketable skills for their civilian career.

Workshop Instructor and Mentor to aid the US Chamber of Commerce agencies & the University of Phoenix in training students & assist Veterans in reentering the workforce: on resume writing, career coaching, personal branding, networking, social media influences, & interviewing skills development.