Additional Services

Public & Motivational Speaking, University Career Management Events

As part of our mission, we are building a community platform to address the important issues between higher educations to students and companies hire or seeking qualified candidates.

We have a highly skilled team who assesses organizations and their hiring/management practices, diving into their attrition rates, and developing solutions that provide a direct recouping of lost revenue. These solutions are what we believe to solve at least 50% or more of the lack of resources in specialized fields, bridges gaps between candidates, career changers, and military services members entering the workforce.

In the year ahead, we are launching an activist approach for building out solutions and speaking across STEM and Higher Education programs to better assist those entering the workforce. Our platform is intended to demonstrate on both sides areas where companies and educational institutions can solve these issues by changing their approach to one that is aligned to candidates today. 

For more information about our organizational assessments or needing a speaker, workshop or trainer, please contact us.

Custom Solutions

Our skilled resources understand all aspects of business and are able to sit down with clients, build proposed solutions, and roadmaps. 

Our management team can perform custom needs assessments, comparative analyses, and determine the outcomes of your current ROI. 

We have a dynamic Creative Design team offers many options to users and clients who want to custom images with or without animation, 2D & 3D Modeling, branding, videos for marketing, video and non-video blogging, or any other combination of services. Our designers are highly skilled in web design, full stack web development, and extensive UI/UX experience, offering a unique blending of solutions that are tailored and scalable. Our philosophy is to capture distinct artistic features in our creative solutions, where are capturing the "human" factorization. We believe it is important to capture the "end-user's" perceptions to ensure our solutions are unique to our clients. It is this level of thinking and distinction that separates us from other companies. 

Our managers have over 20 years experience in the IT industry with extensive credentials to affirm our team in delivering solutions on time, and at the highest calibre of quality, in budget, and least amount of risk. Contact us for more details.